Resumeba has chosen 17 of the most popular, trending, and smart templates for you to build your resume. From Minimalist to Modern, choose from any one of the 17 and we’ll explain why each could fit your needs. We’ve designed templates for you to choose and download for free.
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Traditional. Classic.

For the Traditionalist, Black and White Resume
Choose the traditional and classic black and white resume templates for a clean, simple, and versatile look. Any working professional can use the Traditional and Classic Resume Templates as they are best suited to fit any industry.

Modern. Non-Colorful

For job-seekers in relatively new industries.
These resumes, without color, are designed with a “modern” focus, adding more of a diverse look and feel than the classic approach. You’ll find the headers and formats to display in a larger variety to fit your specific job industry needs. Job-seekers within the fields of Software Engineers, Computer Technicians, and Digital Marketers browse here.

Non-Traditional. Colorful.

For the creative, modern industries
Get inspired and stay original with these non-traditional resume templates. These resume templates feature beautiful, modern, and bright. These resume templates appeal to the non-traditional, creatives, and those within the modern industries. Browse through templates with a variety of color spectrums, sleek formatting, and aesthetically pleasing types to impress recruiters.