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Resumeba is a seamless way to create your resume. Your professional background is important to both you and employer so choose from our professionally design templates. Browse through our expert tips on resume and career advice to make your resume stand out. Insert and edit your professional background into a template. Once you’re satisfied with your new resume layout, click preview and you’ll be ready to impress employers with a new resume.

Why Perfect Your Resume?

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Sending a poorly formatted resume to potential employers is like showing up to a job interview in a tank top and jeans. 80% of resumes are rejected in less than 11 seconds. Increase your odds by making sure your resume is formatted to perfection.

Statistics Show

Recruiters and HR managers look for the following in candidates for jobs: 77% focus on relevant experience, 48% on specific accomplishments, and 41% on the resume being customized to the open position.

Stand out from the crow

Including industry keywords is another way to stand out to employers. Do this by researching a job on the company’s website and in articles or by using online services like Jobscan to optimize your keywords against a job description.

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Get the professional resume you want and deserve. Recruiters want to see edited, tailored resumes in 30 seconds or less. With our unique samples and templates to choose from, you can add your professional experience to each and download to different jobs you apply. Search our blog for cover letter, resume, and career advice.