Dear Principal,

Teaching is not just my passion; it is my calling. I am thrilled to be perusing my true calling as a first class educator and am anticipating an exciting career within the Board of Education’s dynamic school system. I am forwarding my resume to you in consideration for a position as a member of your vibrant school community.

One of my great strengths is cultivating a personalized connection with each student and embracing diverse learning styles within the classroom. I have excelled at forming positive relationships with students, placing great emphasis on building mutual respect and trust.

As an ESL Tutor at ESL International School, I utilized strong critical thinking skills to observe teacher’s performance on a weekly basis, and conducted one-on-one tutoring sessions with adult learners, ultimately leading to improved listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Finally, my background provides me with the range of skills that will further aid my abilities in the classroom. I am accomplished at forming and fostering relationships with diverse individuals and adapting to high-needs environments with multiple priorities and strict time constraints. In addition, I have several years’ experience of training, advising, and information sharing, and advocating for the needs of others.

I am confident that my unique skill sets and career history can be of great benefit to your school. I am committed to life-long learning and feel strongly about investing in a first-class school system, such as your own. Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon to further discuss my qualifications.

Your name